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If you seek a pleasant golf experience, look no further.
Dunmaglas sits in the hills overlooking Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan. Hole by memorable hole wind through 886 acres of meadowland, trees, hills and valleys. Fairways and greens are meticulously maintained. Nature abounds. This is Northern Michigan golf at it's world-class best.

A Little Dunmaglas History
The first architect spent thousands of years sculpting the perfect canvas for a timeless game. The glaciers of the last ice age carved rolling hills and valleys, buffeted dunes and scoured out the jewels that are now the great lakes.

Chuck MacGillivray, inspired by the spirit of the great Scottish links set out to make a fantastic golf course that he and his friends could play together. He named it Dunmaglas,for the ancestral home of the Clan MacGillivray in Scotland. Course designers Larry Mancour and Dean Refram with input from MacGillivray, took this wondrously faceted parcel of land and set to the task of uncovering 18 memorable holes. Their efforts were a great success. The new track, dripping in Scottish heritage was equally defined by it's Northern Michigan setting. This new course was something special.

Dunmaglas opened in 1992 to rave reviews and quickly earned a reputation as much for it's difficulty as it's stunning beauty. Many golfers made the trip to try their luck. After a long day, most made their way home, egos shaken and scorecard tattered. As is the case with difficult tracks, golfers found their way back to Dunmaglas less frequently, and many more were steered away by the formidable reputation.

Kinder and Gentler.
The course was purchased in 1995 by Mike Pung and the next chapter of Dunmaglas began. Considerable numbers of trees and brush have been cleared, opening the fringes of the course. Off-line shots have a greater chance of being recovered. More than 30 bunkers have been sodded in and additional sets of tee boxes have been constructed. These careful refinements have "softened" the course for casual play while maintaining the shot quality and challenge for accomplished players.

The spectacular layout, impeccable conditions and breathtaking views combine to give you a truly special golf course. Experience Dunmaglas and enjoy the satisfaction of an unforgettable round on a Northern Michigan masterpiece.


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